The Application Process

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We encourage Applicants to apply for Uniformed Division Officer positions with the Secret Service electronically by submitting an application online via USAJOBS. Positions may have unique application procedures. Therefore, Applicants are encouraged to view current vacancy announcements and follow the specific application procedures outlined in the job opportunity announcement. The diagram below illustrates the job opportunity application process for new and returning USAJOBS users.

Applicants who are unable to submit their application electronically may contact the Talent and Employee Acquisition Management Division at (202) 406-5271. Hearing impaired applicants may call TTY (202) 406-5390 for assistance. Applicants must contact the Talent and Employee Acquisition Management Division prior to the closing date of the specific job opportunity announcement in order to receive assistance.

USSS Officer screening applicant

Entry-Level Hiring Process:

USSS core value of competency

Phase I: Competency

Job Opportunity Announcements (JOAs) posted on USAJOBS

Qualifications/Resume Review

Uniformed Division Examination Exam (UDEE)

Applicant Physical Abilities Test (APAT)


Conditional Job Offer

USSS core value of competency

PHASE II: Security

Security Interview / Credit Checks

Polygraph Examination

Medical Examination / Psychological Examination

Background Investigation

Hiring Panel Review

The timeframe for completion of a background investigation varies depending on the history of the Applicant. Typically, a full background investigation takes approximately six to nine months to complete. During this time, a wide range of information is verified. This includes employment history, police records, credit history, school transcripts, neighborhood references and military records.