Exceptional Individuals Deserve Benefits Worthy of Their Service.

As our Uniformed Division Officers protect the well-being of others, the U.S. Secret Service strives to ensure their well-being as well by offering benefits commensurate to the immense service they give to their nation.

From comprehensive retirement plans to family-oriented health benefit solutions, the U.S. Secret Service offers extensive assistance to its valued employees.

  • Competitive starting salary
  • Overtime is compensated at the rate of time and one-half, or through compensatory time off
  • Uniforms and equipment are furnished at no cost to officers
  • Employees are eligible for low-cost life insurance
  • Employees and their immediate families are eligible for membership in low-cost federal health benefit plans
  • Annual leave earned at the rate of 13 to 26 days per year, based on length of employment. Prior federal civilian or military service is credited, as authorized
  • Sick leave accumulated at the rate of 13 days per year without limit
  • Paid Federal Holidays
  • Comprehensive retirement benefits. Retirement credit is granted for prior military or federal government service, as authorized
  • Eligible for participation in Flexible Spending Account Program
  • Paid Parental Leave
Secret Service officer with K-9.